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What We Do and Why?

The Psynapse story began in 2011 with the goal of bringing innovative cognitive science research out of the laboratory, and into the world of practical solutions to organisational problems. A central passion for our work was, and remains, helping organisations and leaders to leverage diversity and inclusion to drive innovation and organisational performance. We apply our insights to enhancing organisations’ collective intelligence and helping leaders to develop the cognitive skills and adaptive, innovative habits of mind that help them and their organisations thrive in complex, fast-paced performance cultures.

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Driven By Passion

A central passion for our work was, and remains, the use of implicit assessment techniques to identify people's unconscious beliefs and biases, and develop effective development frameworks to improve diversity and inclusion practices. Contributing to the goal of achieving truly diverse, adaptive organisations, this work is still our core area of expertise. We have since turned our insights to enhancing leadership capability, where we use implicit dynamics to help leaders develop the adaptive, responsive, innovative habits of mind that will help them and their organisation thrive in complex, fast-paced performance cultures.

Our company has now grown to partner and engage with some of the most prominent consultancies in Australia. We provide training and accreditation for Psynapse practitioners and talented associates to offer advisory, thought leadership, tailored individual and team assessment, along with coaching, and training programs to our clients. If you need to be able to see under the surface to solve an organisational conundrum, then we're at your service.

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Founder / Managing Director
Dr. Jennifer Whelan

A former Research Fellow at the Melbourne Business School and the University of Melbourne, Jennifer is a recognised academic expert and organisational consultant specialising in corporate diversity, inclusion and innovation. Jennifer is also the founder of boutique consultancy Psynapse, through which she advises on organisational diversity, inclusive leadership, collective intelligence, and innovation.

Jennifer is an active thought leader and a regular contributor to industry forums, events, and public debate, including contributions to The Conversation, The Age, and Women’s Agenda; and engagements with The Sydney Opera House (Ideas at the House), The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), UNWomen, Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), The Diversity Council of Australia (DCA), Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF) and the 100% Project.

Talk with Dr. Jennifer Whelan today.