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Psynapse Consultancy Services

At Psynapse, we’re passionate about helping organisations become more diverse, inclusive, and innovative. Whether you're at the beginning of the journey, or well on your way, we can provide thought leadership, consulting, subject matter expertise, and tailored leader development programs to help you leverage diversity and inclusion for growth and innovation.

Diversity And Inclusion Leadership Development


Impactful evidence based programs and workshops to create inclusive, adaptive leaders.

Unconscious Bias Assessment

Unconscious Bias

Personal testing of unconscious bias, inclusive leadership skills, and thinking style.

Diversity And Inclusion e-Learning

Diversity & Inclusion

Expertly curated scalable solutions to embed inclusion and innovation in organisational culture.

Diversity And Inclusion Workshop Facilitation


Motivating and bringing teams together with evidence based programs and workshops.

Unconscious Bias Assessment Accreditation


Administer and debrief Psynapse unconscious bias testing in your organisation.

Diversity And Inclusion Public Speaking Events

Public Speaking
And Events

Book an industry recognised Diversity and Inclusion expert for speaking or panel events.

Some awesome companies we have worked with.

Specialist Diversity & Inclusion e-Learning Solutions

Diversity and inclusion is fast becoming a core organisational development goal for many organisations. E-learning is a powerful way to increase the impact of your D&I agenda by reaching beyond senior leaders and enabling everyone in your organisation to participate in your diversity and inclusion journey.

Cost Effective Scalability

Cost Effective

A cost effective efficient and scalable way to ensure that everyone in your organisation is on the same page when it comes to working inclusively with diverse people.

Tailored e-Learning Courses

Tailored E-Learning

Courses provide a seamless and consistent learning curriculum that is tailored for everyone within your organisation, from senior executives through to individual contributors.

Memorable Rich Media

Rich Media

Combines text, graphic, animation, quizzes, learning checks, and video media to present and explain key concepts in a bite-sized and memorable format.

Psynapse is a Diversity & Inclusion consultancy located in Melbourne.

Psynapse is a boutique consultancy specialising in diversity, inclusion, and innovative leadership development. We offer a distinctive, multi-disciplinary approach to the challenge of diversity and inclusion in organisations. In fact, our approach enables a range of leadership and performance-enhancing outcomes beyond diversity and inclusion.

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